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Due To The Danger Arises Obesity In Children

Fat-bodied children sometimes have a pride in the majority of parents. But in fact, being overweight or obese is called by the name dangerous for children. Danger due to obesity can be detrimental to health and child development. Nutrition is very needed by the body. However, if given in excess, the resulting risks can harm your child. As a parent, you should provide nutrients and nutrition to children in accordance with the portions. If the children are fond of eating, you still should not give too much food. Give appropriate portions that obesity does not happen to your sons and daughters.

This article will provide information to you about the dangers of obesity so that you can be alert and maintain your diet for the good development of the child. The first danger that obesity is a problem in the heart. Heart health in children would be disrupted by the occurrence of obesity. Why is that? The body is very fat will cause the heart to work harder so that the child will have problems in the future organ. Heart problems in children because obesity causes low quality of their lives. It never desired by each parent, is not it?

The second is the danger of obesity psychological effects occur in children. As a result the body is too fat, confidence will be reduced and the child becomes difficult to get along together with their peers in order to socialize in the community. Thus, it is important for every parent to maintain a child's body shape from childhood, so that in future, they can confidently and easily socialize with the environment. The third danger due to obesity is a problem joints and bones in the body. Obesity will make the bones become more difficult to bring the body. Thus, the majority of children who are obese are not actively engaged. However, if it has already occurred, rebuke in children in order to keep moving and move regularly and teach them how to do a healthy diet so that weight can be reduced.

Finally, obesity can also lead to the risk of developing diabetes later in life. Children who suffer from diabetes, according to research to be at risk of developing type 1 diabetes and if it continues, will be the diabetes type 2 or better known as diabetes mellitus are very dangerous. So from now on, teach children to always maintain health. Give an explanation to the children about healthy lifestyles and maintain your diet so that the child's appetite can be controlled. Get used children to exercise at least 15 minutes each day to keep the body ideal and away from obesity. So information related to some dangers of obesity in children which must be known by all parents.

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